Literary Works​​

  Flame Of                Retribution  

​   (Novel)


The Blackbird
Chronicles: Volume One  

(Short Story Collection)

Eric and Joanna Harland are having the night of their lives at a reception celebrating a milestone event- their wedding. The festivity, however, is short-lived, for only a few hours later twenty-one year old Eric Harland is murdered at the hands of the NYPD after a raid gone wrong.  Understandably, Joanna is distraught, but determined not to let the  memory of her innocent husband die. She turns her pain and loss into a campaign to bring the officers to justice, but after months of fighting the officers are aquitted and free to return to their jobs. After the loss, she finds comfort in the company of her late husband's cousin Charles Wakefield -  a suspected arms dealer who was wounded that night in the raid that killed her husband. But when Wakefield goes to prison for life, Joanna disappears... and that's when the killings start. 

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